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7 reasons men fail on picking up girls online and how to prevent it

2013-08-15 10:57:42 

Let's take a look at 7 reasons nearly all men fail at online dating, and how we can prevent this from happening:
1. The competition.
In order to successfully pick up women online, we must learn to push past the competition.  This starts with learning how to create profiles, emails, and photo galleries that are specifically designed to spark interest, tap into attraction, and make women feel as if they need to respond to us. This is easy, once learning the methods to building attraction.
2. Not understanding how women think.
Women think completely differently than men.  In order to make any progress whatsoever, we must first learn how to create attraction online.  There are ten basic ways for doing so, all having nothing to do with looks, and unlimited ways to apply them to our profiles, pictures, and messages. 
Examples include creating demand, social value, humor, confidence, etc., through the words we write, and the pictures we put up.  The more attraction we build in ways that have nothing to do with looks, the less our looks will matter, and I will teach you all the ways to accomplish this in The REAL Online Game.
3. Attraction Killers
Most guys completely kill attraction without even realizing it.
Let's suppose a profile headline said: "Nice guy looking for nice girl."
This seems innocent on the surface.  However, upon closer inspection it destroys attraction by using weak language and creating the wrong image. 
For starters, boldly declaring to be a nice guy creates the image of a guy who is desperate, lonely, and a pushover.  True or not, this is the image created. 
By stating that we are "looking" for a nice girl, we are implying that we are the ones chasing. All the power is in the females hands. This is far from attractive to a beautiful girl.
Let's change the above statement to: "The perfect girl for me should be nice, smart, and funny,"
The new version creates the image of a confident man who is in complete control of who he talks to. Isn't amazing what one tiny change can do? Imagine every email and profile you wrote had this attention to detail.  This is what we focus on here at The REAL Online Game.
I see hundreds of mistakes similar to this one above every day. We can't learn how to pick up women online, if we kill attraction before the game even begins.
4. Mastering the art of the written word.
See the above example.  Online we are at the mercy of the written word to draw a woman's interest. We simply must master taking control of the English language if we wish to spark attraction and create the desired image.
5. Maintaining interest, attraction, and comfort.
When picking up women online, many women disappear after an email or two. This is our fault, not theirs. It means we have failed to maintain interest, attraction, and comfort.
Picking up women online is chess, not checkers. Always stay three or four emails ahead of the game mentally with where you intend on taking the conversation. This ensures that the conversation never gets boring, while keeping women at an emotionally heightened state.
6. Acting too nice.
Women respond the strongest to alpha males who appear to be strong, in demand, and constantly chased by other women. Guys who come off as too nice, are often marked as pushovers that are probably desperate.
Yes, most women want a nice guy, but we don't have to go out of our way to act like the nicest guys in the world. Let it unfold over time. This doesn't mean to be a jerk, just find the balance to keep women on their toes a bit.
The REAL Online Game will teach you exactly how to do this with your writing, as well as through the humor you use.
7.  Not setting up the photo gallery correctly.
A lot of men write off online dating as a shallow world, where good looking women only care about what our pictures look like. This is far from the case. The photo gallery plays an important role, but not in the way most men think.
Looks matter to women, but more in the sense that we must look socially presentable. Any man can do this through the right hair cut, and wardrobe (Fully discussed in Chapter 3 of The REAL Online Game-System Overhaul).
Our photo galleries really matter in the sense that they must tell a story of who we are, and create attraction by tapping into the other 10 principles of attraction that have nothing to do with our looks. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we are going to help you create a thousand good words with every picture you put up, all combining to tell the ultimate story of why women should feel the need to date you.

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