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How to Pick Up Girls in a restaurant

2013-09-13 10:32:10 

You are sitting in a restaurant with a good friend when the waiter seats the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen at the next table.
She glances in your direction.
What do you do?
If you are like many men, you probably look down and perhaps awkwardly drop your fork. This is a direct result of not understanding how to pick up girls successfully.
Your deepest desire is to look into her eyes and smile confidently, but that isn't what your body does. There is a frustrating disconnect between what you know you should do and what you actually do.
The same thing goes for the cracked, quiet voice that mysteriously escapes when you do summon the courage to speak to an attractive girl. Maybe you try to use a pick up line that you learned online or in a book. Maybe you timidly comment on something you find interesting just to start a conversation.
Your true desire is to receive a look of interest, lust, and adoration when you speak. What you receive is a look of confusion or boredom because the topic was less than stimulating and your voice was simply weird.
How You Can Turn It Around
You know what happens on the outside of your body when you are in the presence of an amazing girl, but what happens on the inside?
The anxiety, fear, and self doubt that you feel inside are easily projected to others through your voice and nonverbal cues.
The self-defeating thoughts that say "she's out of my league" subconsciously force your eyes to avoid locking with hers, your palms to sweat, or your voice to sound like a shaky squeak.
The Good News
You can change the way you feel inside so what you project on the outside is more confident and seductive.
Just Ask Yourself How Would Your Life Change If You Could:

  • Replace anxiety with confidence, even in the presence of the most beautiful girls.
  • Know what to say and how to say it without gimmicky pick-up lines.
  • Silence self-defeating thoughts and get what you desire from the hottest girls.
  • Outshine past failures with future successes.
  • Overcome the "out of my league" syndrome.

A thriving love life can be yours regardless of how you look, your salary, or what "league" think you are in right now.

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