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How To Pick Up Girls At a Mall

2013-08-25 11:17:52 

Have you ever thought to yourself whilst in a shopping mall… "Damn, she is gorgeous!"?
Yep, it seems all guys have at some point, women just seem to gravitate towards malls like moths to a flame. They love the overwhelming amount of clothes shops, the energy and obviously the excitement for buying new clothes.
All this positive energy means they are very easy to pickup. Chaching!
So today I want to show you exactly how to pick up girls at the mall, so that you never have to step foot inside a nightclub again just to attract women.
How to pick up girls at the mall… quickly
Here's the thing, guys think that you need to spend hours with the girl right after you've met her in a shop or busy part of the mall. You can do this if you really want, but it's not necessary. In fact, the best types of interactions are the ones that only last 3 to 5 minutes. You want to be in and out in minutes dude.
1. Have a line ready
It's important to have a couple of lines ready to go that you can use as soon as you see a girl you like, it also increases your chances of stopping her because you know exactly what to say. Change them based on the situation or just use one line that you can perfect over time.
For example you might want to say:
"Hey, listen I'm in a rush but I just wanted to say I love your style and really would love to take you out for a drink sometime."
"Excuse me, I know this is out of the blue but I noticed you a few minutes back and wanted to come over and introduce myself because I think you're adorable.. I'm (name)."
2. Use a time limit
To reduce the risk of her rejecting you, make sure you throw in a time limit for both you and her to take note of. You can say "I'm in a rush" or "I've only got two minutes because I'm meeting someone" this will tell her that you're not an inconvenience in her day of shopping and you've actually got better things to be getting on with.
3. Flatter her
Throw in a couple of compliments, don't go overboard.. just two should be fine. You could say something like "I love your style, you look so cute" or "Those shoes are damn sexy girl..." play around with the compliments and show her that you're half joking but also serious, this is a good combination that causes her to be even more intrigued in you.
4. Get the number and go
Now that you've built a winsy bit of rapport you should now go for the number. Say to her "Listen give me your number and I'll call you later" or "Put your number in my phone and I'll text you tonight". An important thing to remember her which helps in reducing flakes is making sure she puts her number in your phone and you call it on the spot. If you don't, there's a chance it could be a dud.
So dude, that's how to pick up girls in the mall. Simple right?

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